Friday, December 11, 2009

"Vida Gitana"

For the 4th time in 3 years I am once again on the move.
Like always its not inner city or from neighborhood to neighborhood, its not even inner state but across the country! Its an open road.... me, my stuff and a truck.
As of yesterday Thursday December 11th, 2009 I officially started the packing, cleaning, dusting crying, boxing, bubble wrapping, smiling, labeling, taping, lifting, breaking, separating, daydreaming, stacking, reserving, scheduling, never ending process of moving.
This times different, a choice, MY choice.

Anyone out there willing to help?
I'm broke but can pay you in laughter & good times.
be able to follow directions (I'm somewhat of a control freak) be funny, organized, dependable, speak French or Spanish, be strong, patient, careful & kind. Smoke (no not cigarettes) and be able to handle an emotional outburst here or there.

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