Friday, January 22, 2010


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Kimchi (pronounced /ˈkɪmtʃi/, Korean pronunciation: [kimtɕʰi]), also spelled gimchi, kimchee, or kim chee, is any one of numerous traditional Korean pickled dishes made of vegetables with varied seasonings. Its most common manifestation is the spicy baechu (cabbage) variety. Kimchi is the most common banchan, or side dish, in South Korea and many South Korean communities and locales. Kimchi is also a common ingredient and combined with other ingredients to make dishes such as kimchi stew (kimchi jjigae) and kimchi fried rice (kimchi bokkeumbap). Kimchi is so ubiquitous that the Korea Aerospace Research Institute (KARI) developed space kimchi to accompany the first Korean astronaut to the Russian-manned space ship Soyuz.[1]

My freshly made batch.
If you like it spicy, Ill let you know when its ready.
Cabbage, Leeks, Daikon, Carrots, Scallions, Red Pepper, Garlic, Ginger,
Salt, Sugar, Cayenne Pepper, Water
10 days...cant wait!!!!

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